Switch SD-WAN Can support switch support upto 16k mac addresses it self?

Hi Team Could you advise more details for the product SD-SWITCH can support up to 16k mac address

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16 thousand devices! Now that is a network I’d like to see. Whats the use case? Seems like a extraordinarily large network segment?


Thanks for your reply Martin. Due to I have some in case referent with document from government agency compare Term of Reference for specific of sd switch if coverage I will present this product to our team include access point too.

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Ah OK. SO you’re working from a request to tender document? So be careful that the terms aren’t being confused. Noone in their right mind would intentionally build a layer 2 network with 16 thousands devices on it.

Maybe what they are saying is that they need a SDWAN solution for 16 thousand devices? That solution would need a management interface layer IC2 which could manage 16 thousand devices (IC2 manages 100,000s of device today so 16k is no problem.


Hi Wannas,

The mac address table can accommodate 16K mac addresses, but as @MartinLangmaid mentioned, make sure you check the request to tender document because it is an unusual request.