Swapping out central Balance 710 unit

Hi there!

We are required to keep backup hardware offsite for emergency events such as a fire.
I am working on our disaster plan, and can’t find a way to quickly swap all of the SpeedFusion tunnels to the new unit.
Each 710 could have up to 100+ different routes configured by Incontrol.
Is there a way to quickly swap the SpeedFusion configuration in Incontrol without having to go into each route and swap the selected router?

Can you backup and restore the config?

each remote unit should be licensed for two speedfusion connections, so you should be able to have the tunnels up to both 710s all the time, which would allow you to easily test if your disaster recovery is actually working.
We do something similar - we have two physical data centers and two in the cloud. Every remote location has two speedfusion connections up to the designated primary and failover for that location. (we are a hosted PBX provider, so the phones are set with a primary/failover switch connection).
This way when there is an issue at one data center the connections are already up.

While this could work for most of my remote routers, there are some routers that are using the second speedfusion connection for data connections between their offices as well as back to ours.

This brings the tunnels up for a few moments until Incontrol reconnects and updates all of the Tunnel connections again.