Surf SOHO WiFi faster than LAN

I’m thinking as I’m not a techie that I set up my router incorrectly. When I do a speed check using the WiFi before/after a speed check using my LAN-connected PC, the LAN-connected one is about 60MB slower than the WiFi connected. I can’t believe that is normal. The most I get out of the LAN one is about 20MB. It is a MK3 running Firmware 8.1.1

Did I miss something in setting this up?


Hi Bob - Welcome to the forum!
Strange that LAN is slower.

Try changing out the LAN cable for a new one first.

People think that you are either conected or not with ethernet cables - they are wrong there are actually four states.

You’re either not connected at all, connected perfectly well at full line speed, connected well but badly negotiated at reduced speed, or connected badly with loads of transmission errors at greatly reduced line speeds.

Yes, I was working on it and all of a sudden lost the connection altogether. When I replugged everything back together and changed the LAN port I’m now getting speeds like the WiFi.

Thanks…problem solved. Sometimes it’s simple.