Surf SOHO / Verizon Jetpack AC791L compatibility

I currently have a Surf SOHO (SUS-SOHO) connected to a Jetpack 6620L.
I am planning on upgrading my Verizon service with a Jetpack AC791L.
Is the AC791L fully compatible with my router?
Many thanks!

Here is the link to the supported modems page on our site:


There is a Netgear AirCard 791L listed for Verizon. Is this the same as the Jetpack AC791L?

Yes, as long as your Modem Support Package is 1019 or higher. You can check this on the Status page. Thanks.

Thanks Tim.

I have the Surf SOHO and Verizon AC791L, have Modem Support Version 1019 and cannot get beyond Connecting. What other steps are required to make this tethered combination work?

Found you had opened a support ticket for this. Peplink support will attend to you shortly .