Surf soho unknown physical status


I have a mifi 7730L with a surf soho hw1 firmware 6.3.5. Verizon pushed a firmware update. After the update the soho cannot connect to the mifi. The status screen shows unknown physical status.

The mifi shows that the soho is connected.

Any help is appreciated.



I have the same issue and it’s driving me nuts! No firmware updates on my Pepwave device, so what can we do?


We have customer feedback this modem works fine in v7.1.0. Since you are using SOHO Hw1, please open ticket for engineering team to work on the driver.



Hello TK_Liew,

Has a driver been developed and deployed for this fix yet? I could not find a v7.1.0 firmware update for the H1 Pepwave SURF SOHO on the website.
Thanks, Howard


@hawhite2865, you are using SOHO Hw1 and ticket was opened. I will follow up with you there. Fyi, 7.1.0 is supported for SOHO Hw2 and above.