Surf SOHO router hooked up, now phone not working

Hope this is ok to ask, since I’m not sure it’s directly related to the router itself. Got Surf SOHO router hooked up as well as an Arris modem. I already had a gateway from my ISP that provided both internet and phone. Found out I would need to keep the gateway in order to have phone service. Used a coaxial cable splitter so both Arris modem(connected to SOHO router) and gateway could have a connection. Now the us/ds light on the gateway is blinking and the phone has no dial tone. What am I missing here?

Not sure I am following you. Are you saying you have both a cable modem and a cable gateway in use? If so, are both Arris modem and the gateway authorized/active on your account with your ISP? And, why do you need the modem in addition to the gateway. Generally one would just connect the ethernet jack from the gateway to the WAN ethernet jack on the SOHO. And, you would put the gateway in bridge mode so as not to be “double NATing.”

Methinks you might have an “architecture problem” there. Maybe send us a “wiring diagram” showing how you have it hooked up?

Your friends here can help you get this untangled – but I think you are correct – the SOHO is not a barrier to what you hope to accomplish.

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I have the same setup. Coax into my home is split. One end into cable modem, other end into ISP gateway box just for telephone service. This is not a Peplink issue, it is an issue with/for your ISP.

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