Surf SOHO - route between networks


I have my cable modem and Verizon MiFi configured on the SOHO. I am trying to get a static route setup between them, so when I am connected to any of them, via the SOHO, I can access the other network’s router configuration page.

SOHO: subnet:
Cable: subnet:
MiFi: subnet:

As of right now, if the SOHO connects to the first priority, the cable modem, I cannot access the MiFi config at I have to drag the MiFi up to priority one to get the connection going through that in order to access the MiFi configuration.

Support suggested that I post here and request the feature be added.



Please go Advanced -> PepVPN -> PepVPN Outbound Custom Rules -> Add Rule -> Add rule as below.

Hope this help.

Perfect! That works great! Thanks so much, TK Liew :slight_smile:

Hi TK Liew,

I updated to the firmware that you guys sent out in the email today. This still seems to function correctly, but the entries are now gone from the PepVPN screen? Is this normal?



This is a known issue and will be fixed soon. This is a bug on UI which unable display your Outbound Rules.