Surf SOHO poor throughput

I am going through initial setup on my new SOHO. I have a 300Mb cable connection and my best speed test runs out of steam at 70 Mb! I am on the 5GHz modem. The same computer connecting to an older Asus modem tests out at 270 Mb. I don’t expect to see that high a speed but I do expect the rated 120 Mb and hoping for 150 Mb with no complex routing or IP tables set up.
Suggestions would be appreciated.

That’s normal. The SURF is 120Mbps combined up/down bandwidth. Ie. 70Mbps down / 50Mbps up, etc… You’re good.

The tests only measured the download speed so I should be seeing around 120 Mb … no ?

Open the Status>Client List in another window while you conduct the speedtest with all other clients disconnected and monitor the speeds.

If you are not getting 100-120Mbps with an out of the box SURF then test the ISP modem/router with your laptop directly.

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Unfortunately my laptop doesn’t have an ethernet port which is why I compared it to the same laptop running to the same ISP modem/router but instead of using a route through the SOHO, I routed the test via an ASUS modem. I can’t boot other clients off but they are not using any bandwidth from the ISP.
While both routers are curently connected to the cable modem, I also disconnected the Asus in case it’s wireless modems interfered with the SOHO modems but there was no discernible difference in throughput.

Looking at the dashboard, device information session, it confirms that the other devices are idle. In the latest test I saw 75Mb download speed in the ‘throughput’ section of the dashboard screen.

Compare speedtest numbers to youtube and monitor the client list in another window. Use a wired laptop for truer results.

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I don’t understand what you are asking me to do. The speed tests are not done on youtube and the clients are idle

Using a different speed test ( duplicates the previous speed results

What I mean is open two web browsers.

In one, open the admin webpage Status>Client List.

In the other, open youtube and play a video.

Verify in the Client List what speeds you are getting.

After you are done that test, then open a third window with a speedtest. Run it.

Verify in the Client List what speeds you are getting.

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