Surf SoHo MK3 WiFi stability

I was excited to receive my SoHo MK3 last week. I set it up with three WiFi SSIDs (one for standard use, one for guest use and one for IOT devices). I upgraded it to the 7.0 firmware on the first day as part of the setup. I typically use the standard network, but several times a day, while our devices (iOS and Kindle tablets) show as connected, but webpages don’t load, emails stop sending and receiving, iMessages also stop sending and receiving and apps stop downloading updates. Eventually, network connectivity is restored and expected behavior returns. Again, the entire time this happens, the devices show they are connected to the WiFi network.

In doing some basic testing, I discovered that if I join one of the other WiFi networks, the device’s network functions return immediately. In addition, if I turn off WiFi briefly, then turn it back on, functionality returns immediately.

I have rebooted our cable modem and the MK3 router several times, but the issue persists. I have also did a factory reset of the router, but the same behavior continues.

I am not sure what to try next to resolve the issue.

I need to take a closer look of your device. Please open a Support Ticket here.

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I have submitted a support ticket as requested.


Thanks! I will follow up with you from the ticket.

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I have the Surf SOHO Hardware Revision 2 running firmware 7.0.0 build 2420 and have virtually the same problem. But this problem is not limited to the newest firmware, as it has existed in previous versions. Devices connected over WiFi gradually lose their ability to complete page loads or stream video. After about three days, all three WiFi APs disappear and do not reappear until the device is rebooted. If I had to guess, I would say there is some sort of memory leak in the radio or the router itself.

Please advise if this is a hardware problem with your product or if you are aware of firmware issues and can offer a fix very soon. If it is hardware, I need to return the router very soon. TIA.

@RegGuheert, this does not sound like a hardware issue to me but please do open a support ticket for further investigation. You should grab a diagnostic report when you see the issue and include it with the ticket.


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My issue seems to be different than yours in that my Wifi APs never disappear as you described. I have only needed to reboot the router when I have installed a new firmware as a precaution.

In my case, some devices on my network will all of a sudden not be able connect to the internet even though they show as connected to the APs. When it does occur, I turn off Wifi on my device for a few seconds on the device (not the router) and turn it back on and connectivity is restored. The number of incidents I am seeing has greatly decreased, but it still happens a couple of times a week.

Good luck with your issues.

@Tim_S, Thanks! I will try to jack in and capture a diagnostic report next time the APs disappear.

@gilbreen: O.K. Sorry to jump on your report, then. You said that your problem has subsided. Do you know why that is?

@RegGuheert No worries. The issue has gotten better, but I am not sure why to be honest.

If you are experiencing any trouble with the WiFi as WAN with the SOHO MK3 please install firmware 7 as a first step to resolve the problem, if you are not already running it. You can obtain the firmware here.

If problems persist, please open a support ticket. Thank you.

@Jeffrey.R , I am trying to downgrade to firmware 7.1.2 (I believe this was a special version specific to the surf soho, that addressed WLan problems and wifi issues). Somehow, a long time ago, I obtained a specific unofficial firmware for the soho, that seemed to make things work a bit better on my end. Now, I accidentally updated both partitions to 8.0. I was wondering if there is a repository of some sort with old firmware? Do you have any links I can use? Let me know. Thank you!


You can get the achieved firmware using the followings URL:

For 8.0 issue, i suggest to open a support ticket to allow support team to check on the device.

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Thank you @sitloongs. Sorry for such a late response!