Surf SOHO MK3 very slow USB tether


Having slow connection speeds. Here’s my setup. 4G LTE mobile phone connected to laptop via USB tethering using PDA+ app to create VPN. Cat5e to Surf SOHO Mk3. When running speed test from phone itself I get 23+ Mbps, when running speed test via laptop I get 5 Mbps. Not sure whats causing the slowdown.

Any input?


Hello and Good Day Madspeed

Connect the mobile phone to the soho via. The WAN WiFi, then distribute out from the soho with Ethernet cable or WiFi lan.

This is my setup.

Verizon AC-791L hotspot connected to the Surf soho MK3 via. WiFi WAN. Then LAN out to other devices with Ethernet cable, or WiFi.
Getting 18 to 24 on the download, and 5 to 8 on the upload.
I also use a cell signal booster getting -72 on the signal strength and 0 to 8 on the SNR.


Thank you for the info Ballistic. Do you have a data cap on your usage or do they throttle your connection once you hit a usage number? Mine does and I’ve found that by utilizing PDA+ it can get around that by utilizing phone data and not hotspot data.


No data cap that’s the best part.

Please what is PDA+ ?


PDA+ is an android app that runs on your phone and your computer basically transmitting all data usage as phone data, not hotspot data. I have a huge slowdown in my speeds once I hit 20GB of hotspot data and this prevents that. It does slowdown the speeds a bit as it is basically creating a VPN.


Ballistic, your setup works great if you do not have to worry about hitting a data cap or hitting a threshold to where your data is throttles or slowed down like in my case.