Surf SOHO MK3 to Commercial VPN Provider? Since Trump is now ok with ISPs selling customer traffic habits


I am trying to setup my Pepwave Surf SOHO MK3 router to tunnel all of my traffic to a commercial VPN provider. Similarly to what is described for pfSense (PIA Support Portal) or what an OpenWRT router is capable of. When I am looking around the settings of the router, I cannot find where I can enable this capability. Can you explain?

In light of the current U.S. administration’s destruction of the law preventing ISPs from selling customer data, if this feature doesn’t currently exist, it should be fast-tracked ASAP to protect privacy sensitive PepWave customers!!!


Hi @aj1972,

The article you referenced is related to OpenVPN which has been requested as a future feature request, stay tuned for news related to this feature request as it is considered by our team. Currently our equipment supports PepVPN and IPsec site to site VPNs and as such, until another solution is presented, try to identify a commercial VPN provider that supports IPsec.

If you are able to identify a solution we would welcome your feedback in this thread as I’m sure this will be something that many others will seek information about.

Thank you.

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From what I hear, it’s mainly a ruling that allows competition since many other companies (i.e. Google and Facebook) are allowed to sell and to make sales from customer data. I would rather that none be able to sell the data though, and this VPN sounds like a good idea.

OpenVPN support has been a constant request literally for years. (OpenVPN Support)

Is there any timetable for it?

I understand. And concur with mjburns point further down the thread as well. OpenVPN is much more ideal, although I understand it carries with it more processing overhead on the router. My OpenWRT router has done this for years.

As for setting up IPsec point to point tunnel - my commercial VPN says it can do that too, but I don’t know how to when on my router settings page. I only see a PepVPN panel. Can you point me to a document spells out specific instructions for setting up non-PepVPN IPsec tunnels?

Bump… can you answer my last question Jeffrey?

SOHO MK3 supports PepVPN, L2TP/PPTP VPN Server. You may consider Balance router if IPSec is needed. Please find the details spec below.

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I’m a little confused here, as I would never have considered that a router simply did not support the majority of commercial VPN providers. I have been using AirVPN, which uses the TAP-Windows adapter, and my public exit IP is changed to the VPN services (I appear behind a proxy, at least). I see no errors in the VPN logs, router logs, or anywhere else on my machine.

So if I’m understanding this correctly, I have had zero VPN encryption all this time, and I have to find a VPN provider that uses IPsec only? That is kind of terrifying. I will contact my provider, but really don’t want to cancel my service with them because they are really great folks who believe strongly in net neutrality.

While my confusion about this thread and OpenVPN are not abated, my VPN assures me I appear behind its services. In all senses I seem to be. So I suppose you can use OpenVPN services under certain circumstances and perhaps they vary depending on what software you are using to access the VPN.

Are you connecting/confirming the connection via a Windows app? It sounds like it from what you’ve written. If so, that had nothing to do with the SOHO. You’re using a VPN in Windows, and just passing that traffic through your router. All other traffic on your network is not connecting to the VPN. What people are looking for in threads like these, generally, is a VPN service to which a Peplink/Pepwave router can connect natively, such that ALL network traffic passes through the VPN.

Ah yes, I get what you’re saying, and I apologize for misunderstanding. I am fairly new to networking and router configuration in general. Yes, I am using a specific app. My fear was that the router was somehow throttling the protocol/adapter itself. Thank you for your help.

If some one has experince with tech support with PIA please let me know.