Surf SOHO MK3 - no WAN quality data at firmware 8.0.2

Just got a new Surf SOHO MK3. Firmware was 8.0.0 out of the box, upgraded it to 8.0.2 build 1480. Got it working pretty quick, all devices on the LAN have internet access, I have good data in the event log and active session list, etc. However under WAN Quality there is no data, just the text “No WAN quality information” and “No latency information”. Any ideas?

My internet connection is through a USB-tethered Novatel Jetpack MiFi 7730L, not hardwired Ethernet. I selected both “WAN” and “USB” searching for WAN quality.


I just do a quick test for SOHO MK3 8.0.2 firmware and look like WAN quality report for USB tethering have “No WAN Quality Information”. I will further check on this and update again.

Hi, any updates?

We confirmed this is a bug. Thanks for reporting this. We will look into it to fix it. You may reboot to 8.0.0 and it should work if WAN Quality report is important for you.

Sorry for the inconvenience caused.