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Hello All,

My surf soho is running firmware 7.1.1 build 1342. Is this the latest as its been on this for quite sometime or what is the newest one and does anyone have the file to download directly of a more recent one. The website lists an older version than this one.

Current one is 8.0.2 build 1480 unless you want speedfusion cloud (I think)
I think you should just be able to upgrade right from the soho management web ui

Thanks. I now just noticed that I was looking at the wrong router when I typed this. I was looking somehow in another section. Not sure how. Maybe need some sleep.

Question though, which firmware can utilize the DFS frequencies and if I upgrade to the latest firmware either from downloading it from the web or letting the router grab it itself will I have to reconfigure everything? Should I make a config file just to be safe?

Also, is there a way to change the MAC ID of the router. Not for wan purposes but if some were to use like air dump or whatever an an SDR dongle and scan and see the router that they will not be able to see pepwaves mac address.

Before ANY major changes, it is advisable to download the configuration.
You should not have to reconfigure after upgrading except if there are new features.
I am not able to answer your other questions.

Goodness gracious, how many routers do you have? Good sleep is a key factor in a strong immune system. I like to take l-theanine (green tea extract). It’s really good! Oh yeah - and also glycine.

Jens answered this.

What’s DFS? I looked it up.* Here’s a link…

*I think I was having this exact problem exactly 366 days ago with a cheap gaming router I had at the time. Upgrading to the SOHO seemed to clear things up right away.

You can change your WAN address so it makes it harder to target the peplink from the WAN side. Look under Dashboard>WAN>Details Probably a good idea to change that from the default so it’s harder to profile.

You cannot change the SOHO’s WiFi access point’s MAC addresses (BSSID). I would find this feature useful for home use so I can try to hide the SOHO’s identity…

(DISCLAIMER There is a big difference between secure licensed products and experimental firmware.)

Nor does the SOHO show the AP’s BSSID’s in the web GUI (feature request? more verbose access point page? billable features? SOHO MK4?). I don’t expect a $200USD router to do everything. If wishes were horses then beggars would ride.

I thought it might be an interesting security feature to be able to rotate or randomize the access point BSSID’s relative to the SSID’s to confuse potential hackers / make their “job” more difficult - but I think that would also confuse all your clients. Ie. Its not the way WiFi works.

Nor would it prevent evil twin/deauth attacks (using the SSID) that target the client devices. There are other ways to address this with the SOHO - but I have been unable to test them due to the security professionals in my neighborhood refusal to provide any further free pentesting services.

Long story short - hopefully WPA3 will address this issue by hiding all network nomenclature - but I don’t think it has/don’t know.

It’s all very confusing to me but I trust and respect peplink’s approach. It looks like many manufacturers are waiting for the standard to stabilize before releasing anything.

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