Surf soho connecting to the wrong eero

i have the soho in my RV and an eero mesh at home. whenever i pull into the drive the soho connects to an eero that is far away rather than the one which is just a few feet from the soho. maybe it sees that one first as i drive up the driveway. once it is connected the only way to get it to find the right eero is to reboot it or reboot the eero network. i contacted eero and they tell me that the device decides which hub to connect to not the APs. is there any way to get the soho to only connect to the correct eero and disregard the ones that are further away? of maybe it could notice that it has very little signal strength and try again?

i should mention what i have tried. i tried forgetting the network and relearning it. i also tried connecting to the correct hub then copying the BSSID from the connection details and pasting it into the "preferred BSSID field. when i do this i get “invalid BSSID” even though the soho says this is the BSSID i am connected to.

update: i am running firmware 8.0 now but no change. i don’t understand this preferred bssid feature. it seems like exactly what i need but no matter what i enter it says it is an invalid bssid. searching the manual (the latest on the website is V7) and there is no description of this feature anywhere.


Have you tried lowering the signal strength on the SOHO? That might make the closer eero more attractive to the SOHO. Just wondering, why does it matter which access point the SOHO chooses?

that is a good suggestion. i will try that.

it matters because it connects to an ap that it can barely get a signal from so performance is very bad.


The BSSID is different than the SSID, just want to make sure you are entering the BSSID. This is the MAC address of the AP. Thanks

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sure. i just used the mac address that the SOHO sees when it connects to the correct eero.

ok i found the issue. the preferred BSSID won’t accept lower case letters. if i convert this to all upper case it takes the address without an error. but the question is, does this field do what i am wanting? it is not in the manual but i am guessing that this field is going to tell the soho to ignore the other APs that have the same ssid but a different bssid?

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Thanks for figuring out that it needed to be CAPS. I was having issue as well. Were you able to actually get it to connect to the AP you wanted though? I have entered the MAC address and its still connecting to a different AP.

@mystery, I have no problem to connect to the preferred BSSID. Please check the Wifi channel (e.g. Channel 153 of 5GHz) broadcast by the AP is supported by the Pepwave device. You may check the supported channels below:

Please take note, the supported channel is depending on the selected Operating Country.

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Very interesting… so channel 165 is not available on the Peplink devices? Is this a hardware or software restriction? If software, can it be fixed? 165 is a standard and widely used channel here in the USA. I wonder if it missing on the Peplink is the root cause of many of the issues I am experiencing in ticket # 9070529 Thank you

@mystery, please change the Channel Width to Auto or 20 MHz, you will see channel 165. I purposely choose 80 MHz below to show the difference.