Surf SOHO - Connecting... Issue

Hello everyone. Thank you in advance for any input or advice.

Problem: Whenever the ISP goes down, I am unable to get internet access via Surf SOHO once internet is restored.

I’m running the current firmware (7.0.1).

I’ve done a full reset back to stock settings.

I’ve had the ISP re-provision the modem. This fixed it in the past. The previous time this happened, I even purchased a brand new Surf SOHO. That didn’t fix it.

Today, re-provisioning fixed the wired connection, but not wireless. After cycling modem and router after the first re-provision, neither wired nor wireless would connect. Tried having the ISP re-provision again, but it didn’t work.

Currently only able to access the internet via direct line to the modem. Anything through the Surf SOHO just attempts to connect, looks for an IP address, disconnects, then hangs at the second “connecting…” dialogue.

Any ideas?

Thank you!

Additional information that may be helpful:

  • Even when working, connection randomly drops every few days or weeks. Have to cycle the router to fix it. I can leave the modem alone.
  • I tried going back to a previous 6.6 (I think) firmware. Didn’t help. Currently running 7.0.1.
  • This has been happening since it was purchased.