Surf SOHO - Can't Set AP WiFi Channel - FW 7.1.1


Hello, I looked at other similar discussion threads, and none really seemed to show a clear resolution. I’m at an RV park whose WiFi infrastructure is exceptional, and uses Channel 9 on the 2.4 GHz band (and 149 on the 5 GHz band).

I’m using the Surf SOHO in WiFi as WAN mode.

Channel 9 is very crowded, so in AP>Settings>Channel I selected Channel 5, then Save>Apply. The setting remains at 5 even after a reboot, but the device is still broadcasting on Channel 9.

What am I missing?


The SOHO has a single radio for both WAN and AP functions. If you are connected to a WI-FI WAN, it will override the AP channel setting and use the channel of the WI-FI WAN.


Ahhh, understood. I wondered. Thank you for the rapid response. The RV park I stay at in the summer allows me to connect a cable modem, so I’ll double check the settings once I’m no longer leveraging WiFi as WAN.

Happy New Year!