Surf Soho and Telus 340U


I have one of your Surf Soho that I purchased from the 3G Store back in April, I’m trying to find a USB modem in Canada, where I reside, that will work in Canada and if possible the US when I’m travelling.

I’m currently a Telus customer and noticed that they have a Netgear USB 340U modem available, this particular modem from Telus is not on Peplink’s supported list, however it is on the supported list from AT&T, which is great as I’m an AT&T customer when I’m in the US.

I’m wondering if it’s possible that Peplink’s remote assistance service could make this modem work on the Telus network in Canada and also on AT&T. If that’s not workable would it be possible to make it work on Telus only, I would then purchase another USB modem in the US.

Thank you.

Graeme Arnott

The 340U will work just fine in Canada or the US. The only thing you would need to change is the APN which is a setting on the USB modem itself and of course a different SIM card. Thanks.

Thanks for the quick reply. One more question, I’m assuming the modem will be locked by Telus, would it need to be unlocked in order to work on AT&T.



It would need to be unlocked but I highly doubt they have it locked. Worst case would be to have one modem from each carrier.

Perfect, thanks again.