Surf OTG with AT&T Beam (Netgear 340U)

I have 3 surt OTG with firmware 1.0.22 build 1183 (latest according to support page) that I am trying to connect using AT&T Beam.
The OTG dashboard shows “Authenticating…”, but displan on the USB Modem shows “Ready to connect”.
I noticed on website, there is a newer firmware version 1.0.22 build 1202 that supposedly support AT&T Beam, but only available to 3Gstore customers.
I bought my OTG units from, is there a chance I can get a link to download this new version directly from Peplink/Pepwave?

Thanks in advance.

No problem, just open a support ticket and we will send it to you:

I received email from support for firmware build 1219, applied it and it doesn’t quite work.
On the display of the usb modem, I could see that otg does have control over the modem. The display cycled through airplane mode, ready to connect, connected (shows my usage vs. quota), then back to Ready to connect, airplane mode … it keeps cycling through. All this while the dashboard shows “Authenticating…”
In Cellular setup, I tried both auto and manual settings.
How is it possible that would have build 1222? Is it a special build only for them?
I appreciate any suggestions that anyone might have.

Please continue to correspond via the support ticket that is already created. There is no firmware builds that are specific to anyone, the 1222 build probably just added support for another modem.

Also, please check to see if you are running the most current firmware on the 340U device itself.

Did you ever get the Beam working? Having just about the same issues with a soho.

Please open a support ticket for further follow-up: