Surf OTG and incontrol2

On Peplink’s sales page, , it says "Like all Pepwave Wi-Fi technology, you can manage your Surf On-The-Go easily, quickly, and from just about any device with our cloud-based InControl system. InControl is free, it’s everywhere, and it’s just what you need to get all your devices working together as a team."However, I can’t see that this is true. Is this simply false advertising or is there actually a way to use incontrol with the Surf On-The-Go. I bought this device with the intention of controlling it remotely.

When I try to sign up for the old incontrol, I get the following message,

Invalid serial numbers or serial numbers already registered.
Please make sure the serial number is typed correctly and device is in support list.

Just so everyone knows. IC2 does not support SOTG.

I have your ticket and will respond to you shortly here.

Thanks, yes, that’s why I’m trying to sign up for IC1. I got an e-mail from support saying to try again, but it didn’t work the second time I tried it either.


Your problem has been fixed. Please check. :slight_smile:

Thank you.

Thanks, works great now.