Surf on the go mesh Wifi as WAN

I have a mesh wireless network I’m using as Wifi as wan on the SOTG.
It sees 3 of the same SSID with different MAC addresses.
Is it necessary to configure 3 profiles or will 1 profile work?

One profile is fine. I assume the password is the same for all SSID’s or they are open?

Same password.
Only started having issue after connecting my hotspot as failover. There are times now that the Wifi says it can’t connect sitting 5 feet from AP, webui shows -95db for wifi signal but unit shows full bars.
If I factory reset and don’t add the cellular it’s fine. Yesterday when it got in this weird state disconnecting USB and power cycle wouldn’t fix it. SSID refresh wouldn’t update and see any local SSID almost like it had a cached list of SSID from factory because the ones showing weren’t in my area.

May i know how you setup the SOTG WANs ? You wish the USB as primary WAN and WIFI WAN as backup ?

Wifi as WAN is primary with cellular failover enabled. (Don’t think you can do Wifi as failover with the SOTG)

Please open a support ticket here for support team to check.