Surf on the Go 5G?

I am configuring a new Surf on the Go for wireless use (SUS-AGN1) and the unit will not “see” any of the 5G sources I am trying to use. It finds all the 2.4 transmitters in range and allows me to select and connect to them. It will not see the 5G antennas. I tried changing the setting in “radio settings” from ng to an but this only seems to define the way the computer wifi sees the Surf. I want to connect to a 5G source and then use a 5G device through the Surf. Is this possible?

Are you using the factory antenna? if you are using an extended antenna you need to make sure that the antenna itself is capable of seeing the 5g.
this on stumped me for a while.


I unboxed the new Surf unit, attached the antenna from the box, and followed the instructions for a wifi application. (There was no manual in the box) I assumed from the literature on the product it was capable of connecting via the “wireless” application, to an 5G wireless internet source.

In “setup” in the SSID box, a dropdown list of available (Internet service providers) pops up and they are all the 2.4G transmitters within range. I know (because I can see them with my devices) there are also several 5G sources, but they do not show up in the listing of choices on the Surf. The reason I purchased this unit was to be able to connect to the better quality 5G internet signal(s) as we have a lot of interference to deal with.

I can get the Surf to talk to my devices in 5G, but since I can only connect to the 2.4 upstream source, it kind of misses the pont.

Am I missing something or is the Surf not capable of accessing 5G networks?




silly question; have you updated the firmware?
this is the number 1 question that tech support asks. make sure you are running the latest firmware.

according to the specs on the cut sheet I do not think the “on the go” supports 5g wifi WAN.
the SOHO brand does, but it looks like the “on the go” is 2.4g only.

maybe engineering knows something that I do not. sorry

John I just found this on the site see if it helps

Scott thanks, will return it I think as I really need the 5G


Scott, These ideas seem OK on a SOHO, but I checked the Surf and the firmware is up to date according to the device. Version: 1.0.28 (build:1278) Date: 2016-09-15.

My dashboard does not have the WAN Settings dialog boxes. I only have one settings page.

according to the peplink site almost everything is running firmware7 now. I cant find anything specifically for the Surf “on-the-go” the MAX on the go is running 6.3.3 the other Soho’s are 6.3.3 or 7
not sure what is happening with your other than it’s been forgotten.
maybe Tim will see this thread and jump in with some advice for you.
sorry, my experiences are with the MAX and SOHO versions wish I could help you but I’m out of ideas

I have the MAX HD and have the same issue, I cannot see any of the 5GHz networks to use for WiFi WAN, but my iOS devices do see them. My SOHO also sees the and can connect. I am running Firmware 7.0.3. Any assistance is appreciated.

Are you using HD2 HW4? If so, this is expected since HD2 HW4 supports 802.11b/g/n only.

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