Surf 400 disappears when I change locations

I have a Surf 400 mounted in a motorcoach. I have to reset the 400 at every new location by connecting a laptop to it via ethernet and reboot the 400. Once I have done this, I can access the admin to find a local wifi, but once I motor away from the location, I can no longer see the Surf 400 as an available wifi location. Since it is not logged in, I cannot access it via without reconnecting the laptop and rebooting.

Is there a way to always make it a visible wifi even if it is not locked on to a active site.

Most all places I stay require password authentication.

Probably pilot error, but I cannot figure this out.



Sounds like we have the Keep AP option unchecked. It is under AP Settings on the web admin page. The user manual will help you look it up.

Thanks Kurt,

I checked the AP box. I will be on the road beginning next week and will be able to test the reconfiguration.

Thanks for the assistance.


My pleasure Bob. Hop it helps.