Support Application-Sensitive Routing in "Outbound Policy"

I have a peplink balance 20 and would like to route traffic to a specific WAN based on the application.

It is already possible to block content (under Firewall > Content Blocking) based on a specific Application, such as Amazon Video, Netflix, etc.

Perhaps, as a significant feature enhancement, it would be great to be able to setup an Outbound Policy rule based on those same Application selections.

So, for example, I want to setup an Outbound Policy Rule that says:
** All (Application) Youtube traffic must go via WAN 2

That way, I don’t have to create a lot of individual rules that try to route all the traffic for youtube based on domains (youtube., ytimg., googlevideo.*, etc.) as well as the media source IP addresses (and there are MANY of those).

So, since it appears the Firewall already has the necessary information to be able to block on a specific Application, could we get the same functionality to route the traffic via a specific WAN instead of blocking it?



I also want this functionality please. I have T-Mobile primary internet and a WISP as a secondary. Since T-Mobile limits video to 1.5Mbps and my WISP limits it to 3Mbps, I have a weighted balance rule that works great for IP sources -Tivo or Roku. But for my xBox that I online game from, I can’t apply a blanket weighted balance. I need to be able to apply the rule only to the Netflix or Amazon Video traffic leaving the xBox.