Supervision between NOC and POP using Pepwave routers

Hello There,

We are a Broadcast Newsgathering operators and most of our assignments are on locations which have little or no broadband bandwidth. We operate a number of MPEG Streaming devices from the the field to deliver to our POP in London.
We have recently acquired a MAX-4 Router for the purpose of bonding cellular SIMs with DSL for deployment at production/coverage locations.

The first deployment was in January in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia where we have been covering the African Union Summit from there. We deployed 8x LTE SIMs along with DSL bandwidth from the shared public internet there at the Press Centre. We were able to have more than 50Mbps upload bandwidth and managed to stream 3x MPEG-4 Streams from the location to our POP in London which is based at a main Teleport with exit/entry to via satellite. At the POP we have 6x rack mounted MPEG Codecs. We were very pleased with the ability not only to stream out but also to offer our crew a protected WIFI access to enable our clients journalists to upload footage to our cloud based newsgathering system which allowed us to concentrate on the Live streams. We were fortunate that the LTE service was just launched in Ethiopia and it had plenty of throughput at the time.

In February 16 we took the Max-4 with us to Algiers, Algeria where our main client NOC is based. Our clients have a VSAT distribution network linking their NOC with all their member broadcasters in more than 25 countries across the MENA region. They have plenty of satellite bandwidth to operate through. However they have very limited broadband bandwidth (10Mbps symmetrical).

What we wanted to achieve was to deploy SIMS along with the limited broadband BW to achieve a 30Mbps BW. This would help us deploy MPEG Codecs there to enable us to stream from locations directly to their NOC. However Algeria at the time had only 3G network (4G LTE should be operational soon). We could not however succeed in bonding 8x (4main, 4Stby) 3G SIMs with the DSL in True bonding. We ended getting either the cellar bandwidth or the DSL bandwidth but not the aggregate of both.

Now we wish to deploy a number of MPEG codec at the NOC in Algeirs and thought we would be able to secure enough bandwidth if we deploy at each location POP and NOC a MAX-4 router and enhance it with Speedfusion. At the POP in london the rack has 100 Mbps.

Will this help in securing a minimum of 40Mbps or more?
We stream SD (Standard Definition) MPEG stream at 4Mbps and HD (High Definition) at 7Mbps.
Ideally we would like to have 5 codecs at each location (POP and NOC) and they can stream to/from each other simulteanously.

Your guidance will be much appreciate it.

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Hi Yasir,

I doubt you can achieve 40Mbps upload with broadband + 4 x 3G connection. To confirm this, you may need to perform steps below:-

  1. Configure Port Forwarding (FTP will be great) on the Balance router in London’s POP.

  2. Then test transfer file from client’s NOC to London’s POP. Please test with the cellular connection one by one and the broadband link. This allows you to know the available bandwidth for each cellular connection and broadband link from client’s NOC to London’s POP.

Alternatively, you may open ticket to get help from Tech Support.

Hope this help.