Subnets for web GUI access for dd-wrt behind a Surf Soho


Hi, I have a pretty simple setup. I connect my pepwave surf soho to my modem, and use my surf soho strictly as a firewall. Then I connect my DD-WRT router directly to my surf soho and run a client VPN on my DD-Wrt. My surf soho address is and my dd-wrt address is
I can access the internet perfectly with my DD-WRT running through my surf soho. However, I am unable to access the surf soho web GUI at Instead, I have to plug my computer directly into the surf soho in order to do this. I am wondering how I might configure my surf soho (or other router) to allow me to access it’s GUI web interface at while behind my dd-wrt router. Is this possible? Please let me know what you think. Thanks.


I suspect that when your DD-WRT builds the client VPN, traffic from LAN devices connected to it is intentionally forced over the VPN (effectively the VPN is acting as a replacement default next hop/gateway), so when you attempt to route to the SOHO LAN IP that traffic is instead sent up the VPN tunnel so can’t find a route to it.

You’d need to see if you can set up a routing policy on the DD-WRT for to be sent un-encrypted over the WAN instead of via the client VPN.


Hmm. But when I disable the VPN and set up my ww-drt as a normal router, I still get the same problem. Any other thoughts? I don’t need to forward surf ports to my other router or anything?