Streaming via 4G using Peplink Max

I am interested in using the peplink max to bond multiple 4G connections to upload a live stream. I understand that this solution would also require a router (looking at the Peplink balance 210).

In the field I will have a hardware encoder, designed to stream to our CDN via RTMP.
The Max will also be in the field with multiple 4G modems
The 210 will be at our studio connected to the internet via a highspeed wired connection.

My question is will the encoder be able to stream direct to the CDN through the Max/210 connection, or will the 210 be have to configured specially to allow this?

Using the Max & 210 to form a VPN, does that allow my encoder stream to simply ‘pass through’ to the 210s wired connection using the Max’s 4G connectivity.


Yes forming Peplink Site-to-Site VPN between a 210 and a MAX will allow your encoder stream to come in to the 210 wired connection via all MAX’s 4G links hence utilising bandwidth of all available 4G connections - this is our mobile bandwidth bonding solution and sounds like we could take advantage of it for your application.

Bonding efficiency is around 90% so the maximum bonded throughput is 90% of total combined bandwidth. Please be reminded that actual bonding performance will depend on the real-time condition of all underlying links. 4G are generally good in terms of bandwidth and latency for bonding.

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