Steps after swapping out internal Modem HD2


I have two non-functional HD2 mini’s. I believe one of them has a bad Modem for slot 1.
So I swapped the known good modem from another HD2 into this one. After booting, that modem is showing “Obtaining IP” and will not connect with a known good SIM.

Other than updating firmware, is there anything else that needs to be done after installing a new Modem?

Thank you for all the help!

At risk of stating an obvious one:
Whenever I have had “Obtaining IP” It has been APN settings or SIM card not activated. Have you checked the APN settings?

Hi Horizon,

Thank you for the response. Trust me, stating the obvious is always welcome with me. I am new to Peplink, and networking in general, for the most part. So any suggestions are welcome.

Yes, I both APNs are set to AUTO. Both cards (one ATT and one VZN) work in Slot 2 but neither work in slot one. Constantly saying “Obtaining IP”

Thank you again for the help. I am all ears if you have any other tips!

In case anyone finds this with the same issue, this may or may not have solved my problem. I removed the internal battery for 2 min, then replaced it. After that both modems worked perfectly. Hope this helps someone.

Thanks again for the help.

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