Status Light goes out, does not turn green

Pepwave Surf SOHO: When powering on, the Status light does not turn green. It initially turns red, then turns off, just does not go to green.
Is this cause for concern?
As I remember, it did go from red to green initially, and I stopped watching it.
MK 3, Firmware 7.1.2
I am able to log in ok from computer.


Please open a support ticket for support team to check. This is not a expected status light when system booted up.

Possible please include the followings in the support ticket:

  1. Diagnostic report for the device
  2. a short video clip showing the LED status.
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I very much appreciate your patience with me. I set my router aside, finally started it up again, light now is turning green, and I am making progress setting it up, using Michael Horowitz’s checklists.

One concern, for something he pointed out: WebRTC seems to be a problem to shut off, if it would disable streaming video.

Now after reading some of the posts, including from Michael Horowitz, I worry about the DSL “modem” that AT&T supplied me with. One more thing to investigate.

Another concern is possible security problems from a couple Windows computers, although they are kept carefully updated for Microsoft and antivirus software…I guess each will get its own VLAN.

Thanks to all the people here, both those who ask questions and those who answer them.