Status light blinking Balance One Core

Is there a document, page or person that can clarify what triggers the red blinking status light on a Balance One Core? I have not performed a factory reset yet. The router is remote and the person onsite would not be able to reconfigure the router. I can have them perform the reset if there is some reason to believe that a factory reset might provide more info (like whether or not I need to buy a new router and bring the current device back for service).

Where should I start my troubleshooting and what can I try? or is there any chance I can recover from this state without a full reconfigure/reload?

Thanks much,

Scott Bridges
Sonlight Academy
Port-de-Paix, Haiti

A red blinking status light would indicate a boot up error. If you have already power cycled the device, trying a factory reset would be the next step. You can find the latest user manual for the Balance One here.

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Thanks Ron.

Ok. We’ve tried the factory reset with no change. The status light still blinks red. Is there anything else I can try?


If factory reset still can’t recover the issue than we may suspect that the device maybe having hardware issue. Please open a support ticket here to followup with support team.

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