Static route from B20 to another router


We have an existing B20 with an IP of and would like to reach device(s) on

The WAN port of the mikrotik router is assigned and is connected to one of the LAN port of the B20.

I tried the suggestion from the other threads of creating an outbound policy but that didn’t work for me.

Thanks for any suggestions.


hi eibyer, if the network is behind of mikrotik, you need to add a static route on balance where via .
then u need a default route on mikrotik, with gateway .
Now if you connect your pc on lan port of Balance , you should be able to contact a device on that network .


Does this look right?


Hi eibyer, it’s correct!


Strange I can ping devices on from but not the reverse. I’m new to the mikrotik router.


you can reach from peplink the ip address of mikrotik of this lan ?


I can’t reach from peplink.


there is a nat or firewall enable on mikrotic ?


RouterOS is too complicated for what I’m trying to do, let me switch to a different router and report back. Thanks for your assistance!


Ok, i don’t know a RouterOS Mikrotic .

good luck :wink:


Grr, still can’t get to from peplink. I must be missing something simple :thinking:


the problem is on mikrotic, check if you have enable a nat or firewall rules on this device .


I actually switched over to another router, this one is a TP-Link Archer C7. (I need to modify the thread title) I turned off the firewall in the C7 but still no go. I can still reach from with the the C7 though.


you set the same ip address of mikrotic ?
do you have a nat enable on this router ?


Yes, same IP settings from mikrotik. This is what the NAT settings of the C7 looks like.


I found the NAT settings buried deep in the system tools > system parameters. It’s all working now :slight_smile:
Thank you!


very well :wink: