Static IP/Port Forwarding for WAN Access of Peers

How do I setup my FusionHub to allow me to access my remote peers using the Static IP of my server and a WAN admin port (8087 ect)?

You would not configure FusionHub for this, but instead you would use InControl to access any of your remote peers using the Pepmin feature (starting with 6.1.2 firmware)

Couple reasons I am asking.

How am I supposed to use the Router Utility App if I can’t assign a Static IP and a Port for each one of my remote peers?

I would like to be able to access devices attached the remote peer by using port forwarding and the static of my Server unit. A camera located a for instance.

I am using the beta of the “pepmin” feature and it works okay, sometimes it refuses to load period. Maybe you guys will debug it completely, but in the meantime I would like to have access to my units via a static/port forward route.

Can you use Dynamic IP service on the remote peers?