Static ip block setup

WAN2 is PPOE with 64 ip block
WAN3 is PPOE dynamic ip

1.As long as on lan side in order to get static ip I need keep alive WAN2 what is best solution ? WAN2 die all mass.
2.Low legtancy what is concept EX WAN1 ping -17ms WAN2 ping -30ms Wan3 ping -50ms then should use wan1 ?
Can you tell me how to decide by legtancy?

3.Some how I set with disk-less thin clients but some of client have no internet connection looks like (pc 4 PC 9 pc 14 pc 19 pc 24) look like one of modem is not distribute out bound ip or something

4.on the LAN side DNS Proxy Settings–>DNS Caching looks good but what is disadvantage? more load for Plb?
5. I want to keep no limit on internet how to do set up? cause this not companys security connection I want to open as much as I Can.
6.I hope if you guys can make some rule like all traffic goes to WAN1, WAN2, WAN3 then I can keep alive my static ip line at the most…

The last thing I read more then 5 times whole manual but still not sure what I’m doing… Now I know this is not for beginners…

Still some computers don’t have a internet. I did reset HP 2848 switch and BLp305 as well but still.

10 days for advanture need to be end … now I got bit of idea of product but all manual and tips are kinda of puzzle to me still.

Also last thing two ppoe with same isp they can kill each other connection? after put Wan 3 on back up all legtency was gone I don’t know why but It did…
These are all i need to know so far.

Thank you.
Thank you for helping me .

Hi Mark,

I noticed you have opened ticket. Our support will follow up your case which have better visibility on your problem.

Thank you.