Standby SIM using bandiwdth?

I have a Verizon SIM that is setup as a backup and Priority 4 connection. It is behind a Wifi as wan 5ghz (priority 1), Wifi as wan 2.4 (priority 2), ATT sim (priority 3). As a result, it shouldn’t use any bandwidth right?
This is the setup for the last 4-5 days and I was always in the same area with decent Wifi as Wan and solid ATT signal. Therefore, I am pretty confident that Verizon Sim never came online.
I received an alert yesterday am saying that my Verizon hotspot was at 90%. Later in the day, I received a message saying that 100% of the data had been used.
Any idea if it’s possible for data to still go through my Verizon connection even when in standby?

It will use bandwidth if the standby state is ‘Remain Connected’ instead of disconnected in the details view.
Health check data will be sent over the link to make sure it is up and healthy.

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Thanks! Any idea how much data would be used in a “remain connected” standby state (approx.)…I assume it would be negligeable.