SSID to VLAN Map Not working?

AC Mini, using two SSIDs, one without VLAN, one with VLAN 15. First VLAN is for in-house use, second is for guest network. Firewall is successfully using VLAN 15 for the guest network with another brand of access points. We know the firewall setup is correct. All traffic tagged with VLAN 15 will reach the correct subinterface on the firewall. DHCP clients work fine over the other brand access points to the DHCP pool associated with VLAN 15.

With the AC Mini we are testing, the first SSID works fine (the one not using VLAN tagging) while the one with tagging does not. The DHCP packets from a client connected to the second SSID do not reach the firewall.

The wireless security is WPA2-PSK. There is no access control per client or user involved. The SSID is supposed to just map to a VLAN.

Please, before blaming the firewall or otherwise telling me my network might be the fault, just don’t. As stated above, we have successfully set this up with another access point that handles VLAN tagging based on SSID. The issue here must be a misunderstanding on my part on how to map an SSID to a VLAN such that the packets received on that SSID are tagged with the VLAN ID I’ve specified (15) and that packets from the Ethernet with VLAN ID 15 are able to go out over the air on that SSID.

May be helpful if you could provide a simple network diagram so that we can get a better picture of your network setup.

Essentially, the port that the AC Mini is plugged into would just need to be tagged for VLAN 15 and the Untagged VLAN as well.

Never mind. Pulled the cable from the other brand AP, and plugged the AC Mini into that cable and all is working. Switch port config likely is slightly off on the port I’d originally tried. So far, the AC Mini is outperforming a 3x3 AP from another vendor. It’s also a fraction of the size. I’m testing these for a few different use cases. Already have an AC Mini tied to a MAX BR1 in my camper van (a.k.a. mobile office), leaving the Wifi port of the BR1 for Wifi-as-WAN when available.