SSID goes away after making any changes??? over and over...

I have a new Max Transit Duo and i started configuring it last night and the AT&T was shown as activated and connected and I moved it up to Priority 1 and then the units SSID just disappeared…reset via the reset button, try again and same thing happens?!
Am I doing something wrong?


I was told to disable the “inControl” feature as a work around. looks like with this feature enabled, the unit loads a config as soon as it goes online, seems there maybe a bug?

Do you have access to the incontrol2 group it’s in.
It’s no a bug, but you can push group policies to device to change things via incontrol2.

To build on Jonathan’s reply: If you purchased the unit as used by some previous owner, or if you purchased it from a vendor which includes IC2 as part of their sale then their IC2 settings for the device will be pushed to the device, overriding yours.

Unless you have control of the IC2 group that the unit is registered with then you have effectively provided complete control of the unit to the previous owner or to the vendor.

If IC2 is part of the sale from the vendor then you would look into their IC2 management policies and options (e.g., they may provide you with credentials to access your device within their IC2 organization) and you may then configure the device using IC2, or turn off the IC2 system’s provisioning of your device (in part or fully).

If that is not to your liking then the remedy is to turn off IC2 on the device (if you don’t intend to manage it via IC2 anyway), or to require the seller to de-register it from their IC2 systems so that you can re-register it with your IC2 account (which is free to create - highly recommended).