SSID dropping when on specific 5GHz channels

Possible bug? Some other explanation?

I was playing around with selecting specific WiFi channels in the 5GHz band in the Canada zone.

I selected the last two rows of channels (116 to 161) and it worked just fine. But when I selected just the previous two rows (52 to 112) the SSID drops out completely. Reverse them back, and it pops back up on my wireless device.


I’m on a Balance 20X with a CAT18 expansion module, running 8.1.1 build 4990.

Does anyone have an idea of what might be happening here?

Well I can only speak to my devices here in the United States, but the devices I have (AP One AC Mini) only support channels 36-48 and 149-165… Yet my GUI shows all channels because I could go buy a different AP and connect it to this controller (Max Transit). If I select a channel it doesn’t support, I don’t know what would happen.

Ah, copy. That makes sense to me! It seems strange that there’s not an explicit note, though, saying “be aware, more options are shown that supported on this device,” or something of that nature.

Assuming this is the answer, I can report that what does happen is that the unavailable channel selections can be saved and applied with no issues, then the SSID drop out after a few seconds.