Ssid dissapears randomly dissapears every day or every other day

I have a soho mk3 firmware 7.0.1 setup for wifi using wpa2 personal and ethernet access. I also have a cisco linksys e2000 router functioning as a wireless bridge using ddwrt firmware to extend the wifi network range. I use a different ssid for the linksys router. Everything has been working fine on the lynksys router but for the last several months my soho ssid randomly dissapears and I have to unplug the soho to get the ssid to reappear and then everything works fine again but only for a day or 2 before the network dissapears again. Im using wpa2 personal security. Can anyone help?

Did you set different wifi channels for each device? I would not leave them on auto. Best to leave some channel space between, not adjacent numbers.