speedtest with only 1 peplink?

At the moment we have 1 BR1 mini hw3 and need to run a speedtest as we compare two different sim cards. I understand there’s a way to do a speedtest if you have another peplink device, however we do not. We’re running the latest version (8.4.1), how could we run a speedtest? In case you’re going to reccomend incontrol, where in incontrol can you run an on demand speedtest?

You’re right on track thinking InControl2.
From the Group level, select the Network settings menu and Connection Tests.
You’ll need to add a connection test profile using the WAN name configured on the router and you have the option to pick a schedule.

Once saved, you can run the speedtest from the Connection test profiles page using the play icon all he way to the right.

The results of the tests will be available under reports, but it does take a bit for the results to start showing up ->Connection Test Reports

Incontrol can do this on demand or on a scedule: Peplink | Pepwave - Forum

Or you can plug in a laptop and schedule a speedtest using the speedtest command line tool.

I set this up per the screenshots on hourly and hit the run button but was noticing nothing in the reports. Then I noticed a note on the speedtest page that says “no device model in this group supports running speedtest” when it’s a MAX BR1 Mini HW3 and firmware 8.4.1. How on earth is this model not capable enough of running a speedtest? Where is the documentation saying this?

(rant) Is it that difficult for peplink to add a “check speed test” button in device’s UI that simply runs the speedtest cli or even simpler iperf to a peplink speedfusion endpoint without customers having to own 2 devices? (/rant)

I’m not the only one asking for this - there are even requests for this going back to 2016 (Speed Test)