SpeedFusion... with a Stranger?


I have spent the past 24 hours reading about Peplink’s products and technologies, and trying to understand the various ways in which I, as a standalone user, could maximise my 3 internet connections via SpeedFusion.

1 - FusionHub License + AWS
I understand that I could, for example, get a Balance 310 plus FusionHub on AWS, and am still exploring that option.

2 - SimplyBonding.com
Having read a post on this forum recommending SimplyBonding, I have written to them to enquire about their services, and await their reply. However, I live in Thailand and it’s quite possible that they only cater to US-based customers.

3 - Bonding with a Stranger?
I then started to wonder if there was any reason why 2 people, who don’t know each other, could agree to set up SpeedFusion between them, without creating any security issues?

Could their individual SpeedFusion-ready devices not be set up to block the other’s traffic completely, whilst still allowing them to benefit from the bonding feature? Or is this an idiotic question?!

Any thoughts and feedback would be most gratefully received!

Thanks, Edward

Hi Edward,

Possible to elaborate further for the description given below ?

“maximize my 3 internet connections via SpeedFusion”

  1. Are you looking at bandwidth aggregation for WAN load balancing ?
  2. Usually SpeedFusion bonding are between 2 trusted devices. Any specific requirement that triggered you for the SpeedFusion Bonding ? For example, minimum bandwidth for the application to run is 4 Mbps while the available bandwidth for each WAN is only 2Mbps thus you need a bonding solutions ?

For more information regarding to Bandwidth Aggregation & SpeedFusion Bonding please refer to the URL below:

Thank You

Hi Edward,

Look like you have the same thread that discussing the same request.

We will follow up with you using the thread above.

Thank You

Hi sitloongs, and thank you for your reply.

I am looking at SpeedFusion bonding because I would like to get faster internet than would be possible from using bandwidth aggregation on my 3 ISP connections (2 x 13/1Mbps and 1 x 10/05Mbps).

I have some burning questions, and I hope you can help answer them?

1 - Would it be sufficient for each end to use a Peplink Balance ONE Core (with SpeedFusion bonding license), or would at least one of us need the Balance 201/301?

2 - Let’s assume I set up SpeedFusion bonding (with a Peplink Balance at each end) with a family member who has better internet access. He has a 100/40Mbps fibre connection, and my 3 connections total 36/2.5Mbps. What speed would I expect to get when accessing the internet?

Thanks in advance,


Hi sitloongs,

OK, let’s use the other thread. Feel free to delete this one. :slight_smile: