SpeedFusion VPN on balance 20 or 30

Hello Peplink,

I have a small company where all of my employees work from their homes. We provide over the phone Interpretation for customers in the US and benefit from the cost savings of VoIP.

All employees connect to the main server to take calls; however, every now and then, their Internet goes down and calls automatically drop (not good). Clients usually complain when this happens.

It would be an amazing idea to add SpeedFusion VPN capabilities to the lower-end Peplinks 20 & 30, at least only one tunnel connection, that’s all that’s needed on the employee side.

It is really not cost effective for me to provide a Balance 210 or 310 to each employee, provided that the Balance 210 runs at about $1,300.00

Is there any possibility of considering this for the future? I can’t tell you how much I love your products!

If this is not a possibility, is there any other solution for providing instant failover for VoIP calls?


Do your remote employees use VOIP inside a VPN to your server? You may find the call quality improves when the ISP can’t see the voip anymore.

That is correct, it is voip inside VPN to the server. Please Peplink, is there any way to add this feature to the 20 or 30? Please help! All we need is just one tunnel connection (From the Peplink 30 to the Peplink 580).


Hi Soriam, yes, we are working on it. We will have good news for you in the next few months!! Stay tuned! We are as excited as you to bring this feature to our customers’ hands.



When I woke up this morning and saw your message, I couldn’t believe it. This will be a trascendental step, not only for me and my company, but for the history of VoIP. Some companies have never made the change to VoIP because they say it is unreliable, that it is subject to ISP failure, etc., but with SpeedFusion on the lower end routers, things are really going to change. I can’t wait, this is so exciting. Thank you so very much for this!

Warm regards!

Hello again,

I can’t tell you just how disappointed I am in seeing this new firmware for the balance 20/30 does not include at least hot failover on these models. Not even the option to upgrade with a License Key. Now you guys have come up with the Balance One, which is an awesome router from the specs of it; however, it doesn’t provide hot failover either. This is the least I expected, since I am a remote employee who spends all his day on the phone. I had high hopes that this would be an option that would be implemented soon on these models, either the 20/30 or Balance One. I was wrong. Please consider this request seriously.


Balance One does support SpeedFusion, Soriam, for hot failover and bandwidth bonding.

Look for BPL-ONE-SF under Ordering Information.

Yes, it does indeed, but the SF model, not easily obtainable by us SOHO workers, it’s just way too expensive! That’s why I was looking for hot failover only, at a more affordable price. I guess the best scenario would be to ask you guys if you could implement the License Key Upgrade with the other models as well. Please let me know.

I see where you are coming from, Soriam… Say if we implement a SpeedFusion Hot Failover license key upgrade for Balance 20, what price point do you consider a fair price?

Wow, I really don’t know. All I know is that I need the hot failover feature. I have needed it for the past 5 years and Peplink is the only one I trust. There are others out there, Mushroom Networks, Connectify, Elfiq, etc, but I trust your products.

Do you guys think this is a possibility?

Hello again,

Your flagship is SF Bandwidth Bonding. I am not interested in that. All I care about is hot failover for my VoIP calls. What about $250??? Sounds very reasonable to me.

Please let me know

Any news on this?

Yes this is something we can do, Soriam, we will share more details here as soon as we can.

PepLink Rocks! I will be on the look…