SpeedFusion VPN Bonding over Public and Private WAN Links


  • Organization with HQ and multiple remote offices
  • Subscribed to 2 types of WAN services, MPLS Private WAN and Public Internet links
  • In normal condition, Intranet traffic will go through MPLS Private WAN, Internet traffic will go out via Internet link


  • To optimize both WAN links for better data transfer throughput between HQ and remote offices, as well as link fail-over protection
  • Possible to establish a tunnel between HQ and remote offices, that can combine both MPLS WAN and Internet links into single logical pipe
  • The tunnel has the intelligent to recognize which type of WAN (Private or Public) failed, and able to divert the packets from failed WAN pair to the working WAN pair automatically

Recommended Solution:

  • Deploy Peplink Balance in each site, and establish SpeedFusion VPN Bonding with Connection Mapping enabled at both sites Balance routers

Special Notes for Connection Mapping:

  • During the normal condition, packets will be load balance across both MPLS WAN and Internet links in SpeedFusion bonded VPN tunnel
  • When remote office MPLS WAN failed, HQ Balance router will stop forward packets via it’s MPLS WAN, and divert these packets to it’s Internet WAN link
  • After remote office MPLS WAN restored, HQ Balance router will resume forward packets via it’s MPLS WAN
  • These load balance, fail-over, and fallback operations are perform automatically by the Peplink Balance routers, when Connection Mapping enabled

Devices Can be Deployed: Balance Series and MAX HD2/HD4 Series**


I have the same setup, however during our testing it seems that single line is way faster than bonding the 2 links (mpls and internet). Can you explain why is this happening? Suppose to be enabling the 2 links will increase speed. Hope you can provide an answer on my concern.

Please find my comment here. Please contact your local Peplink partner if you need further help.

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Hi Mr. Weiming,

We have 1350 at HO and Balance One at Branch Office, I tried to configure the same with 1 MPLS link and 1 ILL link but Traffic not moving through ILL link. Branch Office we had broadband internet line not having static IP address for WAN and at HO we have Leased line with static IP Address.
Can you please help me out in this scenario.

Manish Parashar