Speedfusion Tunnel IP Address

Hi Tech Friends,

Need your help on how to view the remote tunnel ip of speedfusion. The setup was that I have HD2 and BR1 connected to each other via Speedfusion Tunnel, BR1 have outbound policy that when I browse certain website e.g. nba traffic should go to HD2 before going our to Internet. My question is that, how to check and verify this. Hop 2 is * * * only. By the way, I am using same subnet of WAN IP for this setup, so gateway is the same 103.120.5.x

1 6 ms 3 ms 4 ms lrdata-b-webjet-branch-hd2 []
2 * * * Request timed out.
3 265 ms 338 ms 261 ms 103.120.5.x
4 472 ms 281 ms 272 ms 218.189.xx.xx

Not convinced you can.

You could add a dns entry to the HD2 for the website in question and redirect to webserver under your control that shows which IP is being used?

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Thank you for your reply. Right now we dont have dns and only using google.

OK. Instead the, go to Status > Active Sessions on the HD2 and search for the session from the client device.

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thank you sir

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