SpeedFusion Traffic Prioritization

Is it possible to prioritize traffic through a specific WAN of a SpeedFusion tunnel? I have dissimilar connection speeds for each WAN on a Balance 210 where I have set each WAN to a different priority. I would like to send specific traffic over each WAN of the SpeedFusion tunnel to the SpeedFusion peer while maintaining the fail-safe tunnel.

Almost as if to apply the outbound load balance algorithms to each SpeedFusion tunnel.

Mind sharing with us what traffic we are looking to send across the two links? The better we understand your scenario, the better we can devise a solution.

Correct, as well as applying outbound policy to individual parts of the SpeedFusion tunnel.

The 10mb priority line carries large data transfers, and simple file and printer traffic, but is unsuitable for VOIP due to poor performance. I would like to use the 1.5mb T1 fail-safe line for VOIP traffic, and maybe RDP as well. Basic video conferencing might be introduced also.

Did you configure the QoS > Application for your VoIP traffic? In firmware 5.4, QoS > Application also applies to the traffic over SpeedFusion.

QoS is only one part of the answer. I would still need to specify which WAN of the SpeedFusion tunnel to direct this traffic. And even before that, I would need to tell the tunnel not to combine the bandwidths into one unit.

Got you. Moving this to the Feature Request forum. Let’s see what else we could do for a more granular control over SpeedFusion traffic.