Speedfusion Smoothing tweaks?

I wish I had setup Speedfusion Smoothing sooner!

Now connectivity seems more stable, including video conference, WiFi calling, etc. Our overall speeds are lower due to the overhead but I am fine with that. I have streaming devices setup to use the WANs directly and not go through Speedfusion/VPN.

Are there any recommended settings to tweak? I have situations where I have unstable WANs, some disconnect but reconnect quickly, or generally degraded due to over utilization by others (i.e. overloaded cell towers or WiFi WAN), and some times ping time / latency is bad on one or two WAN links. I am currently using 1x cellular and 2x WiFi as WAN.

Should I just stick with default for now or anything worthwhile trying? Forward Error Correction? Any limits to sent to keep bad/unstable WANs from negatively impacting end user experience?

Thank you!