SpeedFusion rebonding after failiure

I have a configuration where we want to use SpeedFusion to bond multiple WAN connections. One is a cellular connection and the other two are 802.11 radio links - I don’t think this matters for the question though. So I have the two WAN connections (802.11 radios) as priority one and the cellular connection as priority two as a backup in case both radios fail.

Once the SpeedFusion bond is established things seems to work mostly as I expected. If either radio link fails the bond continues with the other. if the radio link is reconnects it rejoins the bond.

When both radios fail the bond will then use the cellular connection. Then if one or both radio links reconnects it rejoins the bond.

The problem I see is if we lose the cellular connection and both radios fail, then SpeedFusion will fail and the bond won’t re-establish unless all three of the links can be created again. SeedFusion requires all of the WAN connections be available initially to establish the bond.

Does that sound right? How can we create a mobile configuration to leverage multiple WAN connections without having to require all of them initially?


May I know which firmware version you are using? You may upgrade to our latest firmware v6.2.2RC to give a try. :slight_smile:

I’m using version 6.2.1. That’s really fast, assuming this really does fix my issue, and the description looks right on, then you posted the fix before I event posted the issue :o.

I’ll give it a try.

I tried 6.2.2 today. I’m not sure exactly how it failed before, it may or may not have improved.

In this test I had my two Max HD2’s connected with a 802.11 radio for WAN 1 and a cell phone. They are both Priority 1 connections on the Dashboard status, everything else is disabled. WAN 1 is the highest priority in SpeedFusion and the cell phone is priority 2, everything else is disabled. This is because the cell phone has high latency and I’m steaming video so I can’t have them at the same priority.

So I then on the dashboard dragged both of these WAN connections to disabled. I then dragged WAN 1 back the priority 1. I saw SpeedFusion say starting and then it figured out the routing and finally established. I was felling good about that.

So then I put both back at priority 1 for a different test.

I removed the power from the WAN 1 radio and removed the external antenna from the cell phone. After the connections were broken I replaced the cell phone antennas. SpeedFusion would not get past “starting”. I waited for a long while but it would not bond. So then I removed the cell phone antenna and powered the WAN 1 radio. SpeedFusion was able to establish a bond.

I don’t know if the problem was with the one connection being the cell phone or whether it was because it was priority 2, but it wouldn’t bond until the WAN 1 connection was successful.


Thanks for the steps. Anyway no idea at the moment without checking both unit. Can you help open ticketfor us to investigate (HD2 and the remote SF peer)? Please help to turn on Remote Assistance as well.

Thank you.