Speedfusion Radius/Syslog


i am searching for a solution to keep track of my Speedfusion-Logins. Ideal would be Radius, but apparently that is only available for PPTP and the Webinterface. Any plans to extend that in the future?
Or any other idea like a syslog and a parser? Do Speedfusion-“Logins” get logged in a way it can be billed automatically?

SpeedFusion is a network-to-network VPN and it does require authentication via the remote ID and pre-shared key but not with radius.

The Event Log will be able to log the time when SpeedFusion is connected and disconnected. The same logging can be configured for external syslog server. Will that be good for you?

Sounds good, Radius would have only been used for billing purposes, not for authentication.

But syslog is fine. What information is written to syslog when the connection is connected or disconnected? Time, IP, Connection-Name, transferred bytes?

Thank you for your good answers!

It will contain the time when SpeedFusion is connected or disconnected with the SpeedFusion profile name only.

This is just for event logging purpose and not for billing purpose. Thus there is no other information, such as the data transfer rate.

Ok, i see you really are seeing Speedfusion as a pure network-to-network-solution. I want to use it as a highly dynamic roadwarrior-system with often and fast changing transport networks.

Are there any attributes you set on purpose to optimize it for net-to-net-funtionality? Something like the idle-time-settings in IPSec which are so long that they are bad for fast switching networks or any delays in connection-setup or something like that?

There is a Link Failure Detection Time option which you can configure for different scenarios.

When using multiple WAN links bonding, there will not be any downtime when one of the links failed.

Perfect, that option is great.

As i am using mobile links in very specific scenarios i know that there are times when all links fail :wink: Its just important that they are up again as fast as possible.