Speedfusion Public and Private Link

I have two sites linked via peplink 580 (fw v8) using speed fusion over public internet. Each site is on it’s own subnet. Everything working perfectly.
site A- LAN:
site B-LAN:

We have recently added private fiber between locations. I was under the assumption that the best way to setup would be using the private link as wan 2 and setup connection mapping in speed fusion.

Not sure if i should use the opposite site private ip as wan gateway?
Site A - Wan2
Site B - Wan2

Second issue is how to add an additional peer address to the speed fusion profile or would that even be necessary?
Currently each unit’s speed fusion profile is setup with the public static ip of the other for peering.


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@alexns Guessing you are working on the hybrid deployment. The URL for the hybrid deployment referring to L3 MPLS connection.

Base on the info given above, look like you are working on L2 point to point link, hence the default gateway IP doesn’t really play a main role here. You can consider putting a dummy IP (172.15.5.x) or setting opposite site private ip as wan gateway and both should work fine for the PepVPN/SpeedFusion connection as the default gateway IP for the WAN doesn’t really use here.

You can add in the private IP for the PepPVN/SpeedFusion profile in case the Public WAN is down, PepVPN handshake can initiate using the private WAN.


So far so good. Thanks for the clarification