Speedfusion/PepVPN tunnel

We have a Balance 580 at our corp office. We have several Balance 20’s, utilizing Verizon USB modems, at remote sites.

Is it possible to create tunnels to each using Speedfusion on the Balance 580 and PepVPN on the Balance 20’s?

If not, what would be the best workaround? Each remote has it’s own /24 subnet.


Yes, Speedfusion on the Balance 580 and PepVPN on the Balance 20’s is the best and easiest way to connect the remote sites.

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I thought so, however, the status on both ends never gets past ‘Starting’.

Both ends have static public addresses. The LAN’s are unique at each end. Each end can ping the other end.

Any thoughts?

I would also ensure that correct VPN ID’s are being used and pre-shared keys (if used). Ensure both are on same version of firmware as well.

If there are still issues, appreciate if you could provide both SN’s via a support ticket or PM me.

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They are now getting further along. They get to ‘Updating Routes’ but no further than that.

Usually this would indicate conflicting networks. However, as you stated they are unique on both ends. Appreciate if you could PM me the SN of Both units or create a support ticket for us to further investigate.

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