SpeedFusion PEP 380 (6.3.4) HARDWARE 5 with PEP310 (8.1.3) HARDWARE 3

Dear, good afternoon. I updated the PEP310 firmware to 8.1.3, found that my 380 hardware is version 5, so I can’t update. I would like to know if I can work with speedfusion between the 310 (8.1.3) and the 380 (6.3.4). Thanks

@Rennan_Oliveira, looking at the firmware 8.1.3 Release Notes, the PepVPN (SpeedFusion) is compatible between the two firmware versions.

Thank you very much. With this information I feel more comfortable using this equipment with active speedfusion. As my 380 is in a superior version I won’t have any problems.