Speedfusion outbound traceroute second hop ***

Just setup a Balance 210 => Fusionhub Solo to bond two dsl lines via speedfusion. When doing an outbound traceroute from a client machine behind the Balance 210, the first hop is the Balance router, and the second hop shows as *** and then the following hops between the fusionhub and the destination are as expected.
Is there a setting to get the second hop *** to not be ***

Tracert pings each hop along the routing path. Speedfusion uses virtual IPs inside of the tunnel which either won’t respond to ICMP packets or can’t route back to you, so you’ll see *** this behavior is by design.


I can live with it if it’s intentional.

I happened to notice level 3 has one router responding with *** now for a month. Granted there is an intermittent routing problem there. I also saw that a cloud company has a couple *** in some of the routes to their nodes. So it’s not unique to peplink. I did like “the old days” when all hops gave some info about what it was, where it was, and if it was overloaded.

It makes troubleshooting a tiny bit more difficult using traceroute

Especially on windows where it does the tracert sequentially instead of concurrently making you wait for the * … * …* before moving on to the next hop. So any outbound tracert on windows takes a couple seconds longer when you add the *** near the start.

Maybe time to look for ways to make the windows command line tracert perform more like the linux traceroute.